Suzy's Musical Groups

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Creepy Uncle Jack

Another fun group that enjoys playing locally.  Come check us out...Jack Berman is NOT really creepy though, but he is a fine lead guitarist.  Kirk Gustafson on drums and Tom Amidon on bass. 


The Joey Sunset Project

This is a fun group I play in that has interchangeable musicians and can be a duet, trio, foursome and even a quintuplet!  Always fun and rowdy!  Our main players are Jim Duncan and me and can include Linda Denby Bowen (amazing performer!i) and others! We are for hire!!

IRIS (aka I'm Rick I'm Suzy) 

This is a fun duet featuring Rick Cartwright on keyboards and backup vocals and me doing what I do.  We are for hire!!

Suzy and the Q's

This is a fun group featuring IRIS PLUS Jon Rogutich on screaming lead guitar and Kirk Gustafson on drums.  So much fun which ever way we are hired!! To see more video clips CLICK HERE.